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Check Out the Italian Hometown of Joe Pesci (Exclusive Video)

Joe Pesci found success early as an actor in New York City. As early as the age of 5, he was performing in plays throughout the city. By age 10, he was already on television, performing alongside Connie Francis in the Startime Kids. 

Both of Pesci's parents have origins in Italian hometowns. Pesci's mother has origins in Turin, while his father Angelo Pesci has origins in Aquilonia in the province of Avellino. Here are some facts about the town of Aquilonia: 

  • Joe Pesci’s hometown in Italy is Aquilonia, Campania
  • Aquilonia is in the province of Avellino
  • Pesci’s maternal grandparents immigrated from Aquilonia to New Jersey
  • The town was formerly called “Carbonara” because the main industry was charcoal making
  • After the unification of Italy, the name was changed to Aquilonia
  • La Festa di San Vito is the most important festival honoring the town’s patron saint

Check out the video below for an exclusive tour of Joe Pesci’s ancestral hometown of Aquilonia, Campania.

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