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The Feast of San Gennaro Comes to a Close

On Sunday, September 25th, the feast of San Gennaro comes to a close. This ends the 10-day festival of local food vendors like Lucy's Steaks, Danny on the Corner Hot Zeppoles, and so many more. There have been religious processions of the statue of San Gennaro down Mulberry street, while street performers play, and eating competitions commence. This festival has seen about 2 million visitors in 2022. 

People line the streets on Little Italy to enjoy the Feast of San Gennaro (Photo Credit: Sanan Panossian)

On top of having food vendors, memorabilia vendors, and other kinds of entertainment and attractions, there was Cannoli eating contests, Zeppole Eating Contests, Meatball eating contest, and pizza eating contests. We have a collection of snapshots from the streets of Little Italy:

The banner for the feast of San Gennaro depicting the patron Saint of Napoli (Photo Credit: Sanan Panossian)

Street food vendors making a sausage and peppers sandwich from scratch, a must have when you go to the feast (Photo Credit: Sanan Panossian)

Fresh pizza being sold at the Feast (Photo Credit: Sanan Panossian)

When you come to the feast of San Gennaro, deep-fried Oreos and other deep-fried treats are always on sale and freshly made! (Photo Credit: Sanan Panossian)

There are a variety of different food vendors who cook their own sausage and pepper sandwiches (Photo Credit: Sanan Panossian)

Besides the food eating contests, vendors, and live entertainment, there are rides the whole family can enjoy (Photo Credit: Sanan Panossian)


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