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Italian Luxury Brand, Loro Piana Is Capturing the Moment

Featured in the HBO series Succession, the ultra-luxury fashion brand Loro Piana has been all of the rages for many aspirational dressers. During Milan Fashion Week, the fashion house had a section of mannequins simply titled “Succession.” 

The show has been attributed to the brand's hype, with actor Jeremy Strong, who plays the anti-hero, Kendall Roy, wearing Loro Piana clothing. The fashion house sent him a custom jacket at his request as he attempts to capture the finest details of his character's iconic presence. 

Loro Piana has been working to remain center stage as the brand believes it deserves to be taken seriously in the high fashion world. The brand is known to create foundational pieces for anyone with a high-end closet. The cost of an ultra-soft cashmere sweater to a car coat can range from $1,900 to $25,000. 

(Photo Credit: gq.com)

Loro Piana is devoted to sourcing the finest materials for their products. This includes some of the scarcest natural fibers we know of. One fiber Loro Piana commonly uses is wool from the Vicuña, a species of camelid found only in the Andes mountains and shorn every two years. 

If not for the Loro Piana family, the Vicuña would have gone extinct. 

Loro Piana’s attention to fine details is what has helped define the brand in its own category of luxury. The style has a tactility that any fashion aficionado can appreciate and love. Without a keen eye, it’s not easy to recognize. Some are describing the brand’s style as “stealth dressing,” where those with cash to spare and those in the Succession wardrobe department are leaning into this trend.

(photo credit: gq.com)

During Milan Fashion Week, Loro Piana broke ground by debuting both their men’s and women’s Fall/Winter 2023 collections. It was the first time that the brand has ever debuted both men's and women’s collections in the same show. 

Although they’ve always been known to be one of the luxury Italian fashion houses, the brand is capturing its spotlight. Loro Piana partnered with Japanese streetwear brand OG Hiroshi Fujiwara of FRGMT and developed a small collection in 2021. The brand doesn’t run any advertisements, nor does it have a marketing department. However, its tactics seem to be working. 

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