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Italian Wine Country Attracts American Buyers

Americans are buying up second homes in the Piedmont region. 

The Piedmont region is known for its wine and its food, but now, those looking to purchase a second home have found a new love for it. While many from Northern Europe, Milan, and Turin have always loved purchasing a second home from the area, Americans have now joined in on the action, and this new wave has taken the area by storm. 

With the strength of the American dollar at an all-time high, Americans are jumping in on the action to have their own piece of wine country. Many of these properties have their own vineyards, something that many of them desire to have on their land. 

Not only is the area well known for its wine, but in 2014 the Vineyard Landscape became a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Those from the United States have now become the top demographic at Langhe Property, who have mostly sold to non-Italians, beating Great Britain who had been the top demographic before. Valentina Farassino, an architect who specializes in renovations says that Americans are their top foreign customers. ⁠

Source: Wall Street Journal


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