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Roscioli’s First Expansion Outside of Rome Comes to NYC

Roscioli's is not a household name here in America, but the Rome eatery is making its way to the United States this Spring.

With the MacDougal Street dinner party Style restaurant Niche closing this January, it's making way for a new restaurant from Italy. This spring, the famous Rome bakery and salumeria, Roscioli's is making its way to New York City. They will be partnering with Ariel Arce to open the new space. 

What started as a bakery in Rome, Antico Forno Roscioli served pizza rosa, pizza Bianca, and breads since the 1970s, expanding in 2004 to include a second location of Roscioli's Salumeria con Cucina. The cured meats and cheese complimented the nearby bakery. These have both become a must-see for tourists and Romans alike. In 2017, they expanded again with Rimes Roscioli, their wine-focused restaurant. 

Niche Niche kitchen will continue its programming through January and will turn over to Roscioli. 

Source: EATER


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