World War II era Bomb found in Italy’s Po River

A WWII-era bomb was found undetonated in Italy’s Po River.

The previously submerged 450kg bomb was found close to the city of Mantua by local fishermen after the heatwaves sweeping Europe left the river barren. To clear the bomb, the Italian Army evacuated about 3,000 people from the area and closed down the airspace and navigation near the northern city. 

Bomb disposal engineers first removed the fuse from the bomb, which contained 240kg of explosive, and then transferred it to a quarry in Medole, about 45 kilometers away. It was there that the bomb was destroyed. 

(Photo Credit: Esercito Italiano via Facebook)

The country is currently suffering its worst drought in 70 years. Last month, a state of emergency was declared for areas surrounding the Po, which accounts for about one-third of Italy’s agriculture production. 


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