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Robert De Niro’s Hometown In Italy Is Absolutely Charming In The Snow (EXCLUSIVE VIDEO)

Check out how majestic Robert De Niro's hometown of Ferrazzano looks in the snow.

A beautiful snowstorm coated the southern Italian region of Molise this weekend, turning small villages into fairytale-like places that resembled Hollywood movie sets. One town that had a particular charm was the ancestral hometown of Italian American film legend Robert De Niro.

Here are some facts about Ferrazzano:

  • Ferrazzano is located in the Province of Campobasso
  • The small village of just over 3,000 residents was the home of De Niro’s great-grandparents.
  • The patron saint is Saint Anthony of Padua.
  • The origins of the village trace all the way to 300 BC.  
  • The village’s signature castle is called Castello Carafa and was constructed in 1498.
Check out the video below for an exclusive peek of this charming southern Italian village as it was coated with a beautiful snowfall with the soothing bells of its Santa Maria Assunta church playing in the background.

Exclusive video from the town of Ferrazzano from Mario Recchia.