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Rome’s Fiumicino Airport Wins Best Airport in Europe Again

The Fiumicino Leonardo da Vinci International Airport was rated the Best Airport in Europe with more than 40 million passengers for the sixth year in a row, according to Wanted in Rome.

The award was presented by the Airports Council International (ACI), an international organization of airport authorities that interviews passengers to measure airport quality standards in more than 350 airports around the world. The most recent award marks the first time in ACI’s history that the same airport has won the top prize six years in a row, according to Wanted in Rome.

(Photo Credit: rome-airport.info)

The Fiumicino Airport is no stranger to awards. Take a look below at the airport’s other distinctions awarded based on its facilities, staff, security detail, retail opportunities, health and hygiene protocols, and more.

  • 2022 5 Stars Airport Award, presented by UK-based international transport research organization Skytrax. Fiumicino Airport was awarded the maximum number of stars given by the company, making it the second airport in the European Union to receive such a distinction.
  • 2021 Director General’s Roll of Excellence, presented by ACI. This award was created by ACI to honor the airports that have won multiple customer experience awards over the past five years.
  • 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022 Best Airport Award (airports with over 25 million passengers per year) awarded by ACI Europe. This award is given to airports that have achieved “excellence across a whole range of disciplines including retail, security operations, facilities, community relations, environmental awareness, and customer service.”
  • 2022 Best Airport Staff in Europe, presented by Skytrax. The award was given to Fiumicino Airport for the friendliness and efficiency of its customer service staff, including staff at information desks, border staff, security staff, and staff at airport sales points.
  • 2018 World’s Most Improved Airport, presented by Skytrax.
  • 2020 COVID-19 Skytrax Airport Rating, presented by Skytrax. Fiumicino was awarded a five-star rating for following the best safety standards and practices surrounding traveling during the pandemic.
  • 2021 COVID-19 Airport Excellence Award, presented by Skytrax. This award recognizes airports nominated by passengers for providing the best safety and hygiene practices during the pandemic. Fiumicino Airport was rated the highest by passengers for signage and social distancing, correct use of face masks, visibility and availability of hand sanitizer, hygiene procedures at security checkpoints, and cleanliness in the terminals and toilets.
  • 2021 Biosafety Trust Certification, presented by RINA and awarded for Fiumicino’s containment efforts and standards during the pandemic.
  • 2020 Leadership in Sustainability and Commitment to Responsible Travel, presented by the United Nations World Tourism Organization.
  • 2021 Digital Transformation Award, presented by ACI Europe, awarded for Fiumicino Airport’s focus on innovation and digital solutions.

For more information, including a more in-depth explanation of each individual award, please visit Fiumicino Airport’s awards webpage.

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