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America Domani delivers the most engaging content and high-impact experiences to the community of 17 million Italian Americans and millions more who have a passion for Italy.

Titles Under Management:

America Domani

Leading digital media community for Italian culture, showcasing engaging content from top Italian American influencers and journalists, including food and wine, culture, sports, travel, comedy, language, entertainment and more.

America Oggi

Founded in 1988, most popular daily Italian language newspaper in the world outside of Italy. Integrated into America Domani as the breaking news and currents events section.

Il Progresso

Founded in 1880, most highly circulated daily newspaper for Italian American immigrant community from 1880 to 1988. Integrated into America Domani as the historical and vintage content section.

Exclusive Influencer Network:

America Domani has exclusive partnerships with the top influencers in the Italian American community. Combined, the America Domani influencer network consists of:

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America Domani delivers the most engaging content and high-impact experiences to the community of 17 million Italian Americans and millions more who have a passion for Italy.

Growing Up Italian:

Most popular social media community and podcast for Italian Americans. 425,000 followers on Instagram.

Teacher Stefano:

Award-winning Italian language instructor based in Italy. 75,000 followers on Instagram, 25,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Rossella Rago:

Cooking influencer, TV host and author of acclaimed “Cooking with Nina” franchise. 53,000 followers on Instagram.


Most popular social media channel for Italian soccer among Americans. 165,000 followers on Instagram.

Audience Data

Over 17.8 million Americans of Italian descent.

  • Over 17.8 million Americans of Italian descent.
  • 43% of Americans named Italy as their dream destination and culture.
  • Italy is the top destination to visit for people from the United States.
  • Average household income of Italian Americans higher than English, French and German.
  • Italian cuisine and culture is ranked #1 by Americans among all nations.

America Domani Readers Are:


Italian Americans ranked in top 5 disposable income of all expats in North America.


Americans have a high favorability rating of Italy compared to other countries.


America Domani reaches audience with high spending power above $100,000 HHI.


Top 15 Italian brands represent $80 billion in brand value to American consumers.


America Domani readers are highly engaged, with visits exceeding 5 minutes.

Sponsorship Packages

Custom content packages are available upon request to meet the engagement needs of your brand. Sample packages as follows:


Content customized to fit your brand’s messaging and needs, distributed to more than 100,000 readers and optimized to encourage actions.

Special Guides:

Exclusive sponsorships and naming rights to special guides of your choice.

Breaking News Alerts:

Powered by America Oggi, breaking news alerts are distributed via email and across social media channels whenever there is a breaking story for our audience.

Vintage and Historical Content:

Powered by Il Progresso, vintage and historical content is produced by America Domani chronicling the history of the Italian experience in America.

Display Ads and Digital Placement:

Featured online advertising and display ads with prominent placement across America Domani’s homepage and online channels.

Category Sponsorships:

Official sponsor of category of your choice, including branded content, online display advertising and social media content promotions.

Original Content Series:

Originally produced video content and series exclusively for the America Domani community in partnership with our influencer network