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America Domani delivers highly engaging content and high-impact experiences to a robust community of Italian Americans and many more who have a passion for all things Italy. We have created a digital environment that is the most fertile intersection between your brand messaging, related content & interest buyers of your products & services !

The America Domani Audience

  • Over 17.8 million Americans of Italian descent.
  • 43% of Americans named Italy as their dream destination and culture.
  • Italy is the top destination to visit for people from the United States.
  • Average household income of Italian Americans higher than English, French and German.
  • Italian cuisine and culture is ranked #1 by Americans among all nations.

America Domani Readers Are:


Italian Americans ranked in top 5 disposable income of all expats in North America.


Americans have a high favorability rating of Italy compared to other countries.


America Domani reaches audience with high spending power above $100,000 HHI.


Top 15 Italian brands represent $80 billion in brand value to American consumers.


America Domani readers are highly engaged, with visits exceeding 5 minutes.

Exclusive Influencer Network:

America Domani has exclusive partnerships with the top influencers in the Italian American community. Combined, the America Domani influencer network consists of:

Customers served! 0 MM+  Followers
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Our Influencer contributors allow America Domani to deliver highly engaging & entertaining content to our site visitors and subscribers across a wide array of special interests; Food/Wine, Travel, Sports, Language, News, America Oggi, Il Progresso & more...driving high levels of engagement and repeat visits ! 

Growing Up Italian

Most popular social media community and podcast for Italian Americans. 425,000 followers on Instagram.

Teacher Stefano:

Award-winning Italian language instructor based in Italy. 75,000 followers on Instagram, 25,000 subscribers on YouTube.


Most popular social media channel for Italian soccer among Americans. 165,000 followers on Instagram.

Danielle Caminetti:

“Foodie by Birth, Lawyer by Trade”. Over 12,300 followers on Instagram. @haveucoveredinthekitchen

Angelo Coassin

Cooking with Bello video series. Over 711,000+ followers on Instagram. @cookingwithbello

Angelo Coassin @cookingwithbello

Advertising & Sponsorship Packages

Custom content packages are available upon request to meet the engagement needs of your brand. Sample packages as follows:

Dedicated Sponsor Emails:

Content customized to fit your brand’s messaging and marketing needs, distributed to our growing list of America online America Domani subscribers 

Domani Branded Guides:

Exclusive sponsorships and naming rights available to a series of  America Domani special guides distributed to our email subscribers, social media followers and Domani partner networks .

Breaking News Alerts:

Powered by America Oggi, breaking news alerts are distributed via email and across social media channels whenever there is a breaking story for our audience.

La Famiglia Video Series:

Powered by Il Progresso, Vintage and historical content is produced by America Domani chronicling your business's story ,history & offering  as part of  the Italian experience in America.

Run of Site Ad Units / Category Sponsorships:

Featured online advertising and display ads with prominent placement across America Domani’s homepage and online channels. Fixed positions also available on related content/consumer intersections

Domani Experiences:

Work with America Domani to leverage our brand and awareness to enhance your consumer/ business to business in person and/or online events 

Original Content Series:

Originally produced video content and series exclusively for the America Domani community in partnership with our influencer network

America Domani Editorial Calendar


Spaghetti Special
Cream Puff Special (National Cream Puff Day)
Italian Gluten Free Guide
Italian Film Week, Winter Issue (Sundance Film Festival)
National Cheese Lovers Day
Italian Croissant Day (Cornetto Special)


World Nutella Day
Floral Week (National Rose Day)
Marriage Celebration Week
Chocolate Week
Pizza Week (National Pizza Day)
Italian Entrepreneur Guide
Super Bowl Party Guide
Valentine’s Day
Italian Brazilian Special (Brazilian Carnival)
Italian Basketball Special (NBA All-Star Weekend)


Women’s Week (Festa delle Donne)
Italian Women of Color Special (International Women of Color Day)
Academy Awards Special (Recognizing Italians at the Oscars)
Sauce Week (National Sauce Day)
National Meatball Day
Feast of Saint Joseph
March Madness
Real Estate Week


Deep Dish Pizza Day
Easter Special Guide
Parkinson’s Awareness Guide
Italian Music Week (Coachella Special)
National Garlic Day
National Amaretto Day
National Rice Ball Day
Italian Liberation Special


Italian Wine Week
National Vinegar Day
Teacher Appreciation Day (Special Italian American Teacher Commemorative Issue)
Mother’s Day Guide
National Police Week (Special Italian American Law Enforcement Appreciation Issue)
National Italian Beef Day


Lemon Week
Pride Month
National Olive Day
Italian Republic Day
Cancer Survivors Day (Special Italian American Cancer Survivor Commemorative Issue)
Cheese Week
D-Day Special (Commemorating Italian American World War II Heroes)
Feast of Saint Anthony Special
Father’s Day Special
National Martini Day
National Limoncello Day
Detroit Pizza Day (Special Issue Celebrating Detroit Pizza)
National Insurance Awareness Day (Recognizing Italian American Contributions to Insurance Industry)


Palio Special
National Anisette Day
July 4 th BBQ Special
Italian Fashion Day
Feast of Santa Rosalia (Sicilian Appreciation Issue)
Italian Baseball Special (MLB All-Star Week)
Self-Care Day (Mental Health Awareness Issue)
Italian Soccer Day
National Cheesecake Day


Panini Week (National Panini Month)
Italian Melon Day
National Sisters Day (Recognizing Italian Sisters)
National Prosecco Day
Ferragosto Special
Red Wine Day
National Spumoni Day
Kobe Bryant Italian Special
Italian Tennis Special (US Open Week)
Back to School Special


Italian Film Week, Fall Issue (Venice Film Festival)
Labor Day Issue (Italian Worker’s Appreciation)
National Salami Day
Italian Grandparents Issue (National Grandparents Day)
Chocolate Week (International Chocolate Day)
National Linguini Day
San Gennaro Special
National Italian Cookie Day
Italian Daughters Special (National Daughters Day)
Olive Oil Special (National Extra Virgin Olive Oil Day)


Italian Heritage Month (Special Month-Long Issue)
Coffee Week (International Coffee Day)
Italian Music Week (International Music Week)
Pasta Special (World Pasta Day)
AIDS Awareness Month (Recognizing Italian American AIDS Victims)
Italian Dessert Special (National Dessert Month)
California Pizza Special (National Pizza Month)
Italian Architecture Special (World Architecture Day)
Italian Ancestors Special (National Ancestors Day)
Italian Baking Week (National Baking Week)
EuroChocolate Festival Special
National Liqueur Day
National Apple Day
Italian Nut Special (National Nut Day)
World Tripe Day
National Chocolate Day
Halloween Special


Cancer Awareness Special (Recognizing Italian American Cancer Victims)
Fig Week
Election Day Special
National Cappuccino Day
National Espresso Day
Veterans Day Special (Recognizing Italian American Military Veterans)
Thanksgiving Special


Christmas Holiday Guide
Disney Day (Recognizing Italian Influence on Disney)
San Nicola Day
Chestnut Day
Italian Tea Special (International Tea Day)
Italian Baked Cookies Day

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Titles Under Management:

America Domani

Leading digital media community for Italian culture, showcasing engaging content from top Italian American influencers and journalists, including food and wine, culture, sports, travel, comedy, language, entertainment and more.

America Oggi

Founded in 1988, most popular daily Italian language newspaper in the world outside of Italy. Integrated into America Domani as the breaking news and currents events section.

Il Progresso

Founded in 1880, most highly circulated daily newspaper for Italian American immigrant community from 1880 to 1988. Integrated into America Domani as the historical and vintage content section.