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The Little Italy Neighborhoods of New Jersey

New Jersey's cultural fabric is intricately woven with the colorful threads of Italian American heritage, a legacy that lives on in various "Little Italy" neighborhoods across the state. These enclaves have stood as testaments to the enduring ties that Italian immigrants and their descendants have maintained with their homeland's customs, culture, and culinary traditions. As waves of Italian immigrants made their way to the United States in search of new opportunities, they brought with them a rich array of customs that found a home in these neighborhoods. While the demographics of these areas may have evolved over time, the spirit of "Little Italy" remains, providing a glimpse into the past and a celebration of the Italian American journey in New Jersey. Here are some notable "Little Italy" neighborhoods in the state:

North Ward, Newark

The North Ward of Newark stands as a historical testament to the enduring Italian American presence in the city. With its iconic restaurants, markets, and cultural events, this neighborhood has been a cultural hub where generations have gathered to savor traditional Italian cuisine and partake in festivities that honor their roots.

Ironbound, Newark

Adjacent to the North Ward, the Ironbound neighborhood also carries the torch of Italian American heritage. Though the neighborhood has seen demographic shifts, the legacy of Italian culture and cuisine remains alive through the numerous Italian restaurants and businesses that continue to thrive.


Nestled amidst the blueberry fields, Hammonton has been a gathering place for those seeking to celebrate Italian culture. The town's annual Italian Festival pays homage to its heritage, inviting locals and visitors to indulge in Italian music, food, and camaraderie.


The city of Paterson once boasted a bustling "Little Italy" around the Great Falls area. While the landscape has changed, traces of its Italian American past can still be glimpsed in the community.


Steeped in history, Belleville has been home to an Italian American community that has shaped the town's identity. Its contributions to the local culture and heritage continue to resonate.


Amidst its residential streets, Bloomfield holds a piece of Italian American history, with a community that has enriched the town's tapestry with its traditions.

These "Little Italy" neighborhoods, though they have seen transformations, remain crucial touchstones that connect generations to their Italian heritage. They serve as living legacies, inviting all to explore the flavors, customs, and stories that have journeyed across oceans and time to find a cherished place in the diverse mosaic of New Jersey.

Arianna DiCicco

Arianna DiCicco is an educator and writer from California, born into an Italian American restaurant family with strong ties to her grandparents’ home in Abruzzo, Italy. She has lived in San Francisco, Rome and New York City where she’s made deep connections within the Italian communities and gained new perspectives about her own culture. With a Masters in International Education, Arianna has a love and passion for learning and educating others about Italian history & culture.