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6 Classic Amaretto Cocktail Recipes

If you’re looking for something sweet, nutty, and a time machine to the 1970s, look no further than amaretto! The Italian liqueur is known for its almond-like taste and it’s extremely versatile, making it easy to mix into an array of cocktails. We’ve highlighted 6 classic amaretto cocktail recipes you’ll be glad you tried:


Let us make you an offer you can’t refuse and introduce you to the Godfather. While it is hard to say when the classic amaretto cocktail was invented, rumors say it was named after Marlon Brando’s portrayal of Vito Corelone in The Godfather, which came out in 1972. This cocktail only requires 2 ingredients making it strong, yet sweet. Pour one ounce and half of your favorite scotch Whisky and half an ounce of amaretto directly into a glass. The taste of the Godfather will change depending on your Scotch of choice - a blended scotch will bring out different flavors than a single malt.


For those who want to tone down the Godfather but enjoy a cocktail that’s equally as satisfying, the Godmother is the way to go. Other names for this drink could be “Tawny Russian” or the more popular “Black Russian” because it blends vodka and amaretto straight into your glass. For this recipe, pour one ounce and a half of vodka and half an ounce of amaretto directly into your glass over ice. 

Cafe Caribbean

Adding rum and amaretto to coffee offers a delicious and unique flavor profile. The history and origins of this cocktail are lost to time, but these additions are the perfect way to kick your coffee up a notch. Add one ounce of amaretto and two ounces of rum to four ounces of hot coffee. Stir together and pour over the milk of your choice. You can top it with whipped cream as a garnish. If the weather calls for iced coffee, you can pour your mixture over an iced version instead.

Italian Margarita

For a margarita with a taste of Italy, add some amaretto! This semi-sweet and nutty cocktail was first discovered in 2005 at the Club Bar inside the Peninsula Beverly Hills. Many recipes suggest using a slightly aged Reposado tequila. You can use Blanco tequila or the darker Añejo tequila as well. Combine two ounces of the tequila of your choice with half an ounce of triple sec, one ounce of amaretto, and one ounce of fresh lime juice. Shake in a cocktail shaker. Serve over ice.

Bocce Ball

This is one of those cocktails that will never go out of style. This cocktail is a cousin of the Screwdriver, where the ingredients are simply amaretto and orange juice. The earliest record of this cocktail was found in magazines in the 1980s describing bocce ball tournaments in cities like New York and San Diego. While there is no known origin for this drink, Amaretto Di Saronno has run advertisements with this recipe. For an extra kick, some can add a splash of vodka as well. 

Toasted Almond

You will get the full amaretto experience with the toasted almond. This dessert cocktail balances amaretto, vodka, and Kahlua, giving you a flavor profile that mimics the drink’s namesake. No one seems to know when it was actually invented, but the ingredients are very similar to that of a White Russian. However, the addition of heavy cream to amaretto is what makes this cocktail special.

AJ Forrisi

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