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7 Books To Get Your Kids Excited About Italy

Today’s little readers may keep fueling their curiosity and become travel-loving adults if they discover all the world has to offer early on—through fun books. Plenty of colorful, detailed, and anecdote-filled children’s books are available to entice their attention toward faraway places. Here are some titles about Italy written just for them, but entertaining and fascinating enough to entrance grownups too!

If You Were Me and Lived in Italy

This 2015 book is the Italy edition in a series for children about cultures around the world by Carole P. Roman. We join the author as she visits the Republic of Italy and learns what it is like to live in Rome, see famous architecture, celebrate a favorite holiday, and discover the country’s rich history and colorful traditions. On the way, you might learn a word or two in Italian!

Pimpa Goes to Florence

Florence,  one of the most enchanting cities in the world, comes to life for kids in this vibrant city guide. La Pimpa, a famous Italian comics character, is the ultimate expert because, as everyone knows, exploring is more fun with a red-spotted dog.

Rome City Trails

Lonely Planet for Kids takes children to the most incredible city in the world to discover secrets, stories, and other cool stuff about the Eternal City. This book is perfect for young readers ages eight and up, making them streetwise about Rome. They'll learn all they could about Rome, all from the comfort of their own couch. 

Theodore’s Italian Adventure

The well-designed book by Ashlee and Trent Harding Features cute drawings of Theodore the bear who teaches young readers basic Italian words and what life is like in Italy. Theodore travels all over the country on his journey—from the Colosseum in Rome and canals in Venice to the leaning tower of Pisa—and eats all types of local comfort food along the way!

Mimi and Piggy’s Adventures in Venice

Everyone, at least once, has dreamed of visiting Venice. The canals, the history, the food! When at last Mimi & Piggy get their chance, they have the adventure of a lifetime. But their travels go off track when the two best friends become separated in this bustling, unfamiliar city. Will Mimi find her way back to Piggy in time to save their special trip? Adorable art that’s full of color and detail makes this a charming tale that will launch kids’ dreams of making their own Venice adventure.

Teach Me Everyday Italian

It’s nearly impossible not to be a huge fan of the Teach Me Everyday series. So much fun. They include a book and a CD in both English and Italian. While the voices may not be native, they are a great way to introduce kids to the Italian language.

This is Rome

First published in 1960, This is Rome traces the history of Roman civilization. Like other Sasek classics, this facsimile edition of the original book contains brilliant illustrations that have been meticulously preserved, remaining true to his original vision. Facts have been updated for the 21st century, appearing on a “This is . . . Today's page at the back of the book. These charming illustrations, coupled with Sasek's witty, playful narrative, make for a perfect souvenir that will delight both children and their parents, many of whom will remember the series from their own childhoods.

Barbara Benzoni

 Barbara Benzoni was born in Milan and lives between Rome and Tuscany. She is devoted to USA, the land of courage and innovation. She’s Peter's super-lucky mum and Ale's wife. Cinema, art, good food and only beautiful things are the themes of her existence. With a degree in Italian literature and a Masters in Sports Management she can both enjoys books and basketball matches. In 25 years she has been organizing sport events all over the world and she’s been lucky enough to meet the greatest champs ever. Curiosity in everyday life and people are her drivers. Her personal icon is Mohammed Ali : "It's not bragging if you can back it up".