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8 Italian Actors We Never Get Tired of Watching

These are the faces you can’t wait to see in upcoming films or when you decide to watch a classic for the millionth time. They’re handsome, captivating and some of the most adored men to take the big stage. With the help of their beloved films and TV shows, these gentlemen have secured their lasting success and their place in our hearts. Here is a list of 8 Italian actors who we never get tired of watching.

Al Pacino

He’s the godfather of Italian actors, (pun intended), and best known for his legendary role as Michael Corleone in The Godfather Trilogy. Al Pacino is one of the most celebrated actors in Italian cinema and quickly found his way to the top after partaking in renowned classics such as Scarface, Donnie Brasco, Scent of a Woman, and more recently, The Irishman. Pacino’s characters, specifically his notorious mobster roles, will be referred to as motion picture benchmarks for decades to come. He is regarded as one of the greatest actors of his generation collecting awards and wins spanning numerous categories, along with a plethora of honors and praises. Let us not forget the words he once uttered, “Don’t ever take sides with anyone against the family again!” 

Sebastian Maniscalco

Hilarious, multi-talented comedian and actor Sebastian Maniscalco has risen to the top of Italian fame quickly. His hysterical and relatable jokes, often revolving around his Italian upbringing, are only a match for his equally humorous physical comedy, where he can be seen jolting and twitching his body about on stage. The combination is sure to leave you in stitches and has made him a household name in the Italian community. He began in the film industry with parts in Green Book and The Irishman and has sustained with his newest release About My Father, following a witty storyline based on his immigrant father. For a real belly laugh, search his ‘Italian Wedding’ skit on YouTube.

Giacomo Gianniotti

Giacomo Gianniotti is the Italian-Canadian heartthrob of our dreams. If you see him, you will undoubtedly remember him. His piercing gaze, seductive smile, and curly, dark hair construct an image difficult to forget. He played Doctor DeLuca on Grey’s Anatomy, GianCarlo in Netflix’s miniseries From Scratch, and is the voice of one of the fishermen in the film Luca. Born in Rome, he speaks Italian beautifully and has embraced his roots in the crowd-pleasers he’s starred in. 

Alberto Frezza

As one of the new Italian actors on the scene, Alberto Frezza is popularly known for his time on ABC’s Station 19 and Hallmark’s A Godwink Christmas. With his Mediterranean features and captivating smize, he’s a feast for the eyes on and off the screen. Born in Milan and fluent in Italian, Frezza has established a name for himself in Hollywood, blazing a trail for the upcoming generation of Italian actors. 

Sylvester Stallone

“YO ADRIAN!” (Can’t you just hear it?!) Sylvester Stallone made his identifiable voice known in the memorable and treasured Rocky films before continuing to make sequels based on the original picture. Props from the series can actually be found in the Smithsonian Museum—undeniable proof of the legacy that Rocky has left for its fans. Years back, a statue was erected in honor of Stallone’s cherished lead part and can be adored in Philadelphia. Visitors can be found testing their physical endurance by running up the ‘Rocky steps,’ also located in Philly. Within the last eight years, Stallone passes the baton to a new, young boxer who he trains on the big screen in Creed and Creed II.

Milo Ventimiglia

He stole our hearts and brought us to tears as Jack in the tear-jerking series This Is Us, however; you may not have realized Milo Ventimiglia previously appeared in some of your favorite shows or movies. Take a trip down memory lane to Stars Hollow or Luke’s Diner, and you’ll discover that Ventimiglia had a stint on Gilmore Girls, a binge-worthy dramedy series. This big break helped Ventimiglia get himself on the map which eventually led to his impressive rise to fame. Fun fact: as a young boy, he was fortunate enough to land the role as son of fictional boxing legend, Rocky.

Joe Manganiello

Aside from his career in acting, Joe Manganiello is perhaps widely identified as the husband to stunning and vibrant actress Sofía Vergara. The pair could rival any of Hollywood’s most attractive couples. He first became hot on the thespian scene in the popular series True Blood. Likewise, his recognition in movie theaters rose when he depicted “Flash” in Spider-Man. A guy of many talents, Manganiello tried his hand as an author after his first book Evolution was released in 2013. Maybe greater than our adoration for him onscreen is his love for the Pittsburgh Steelers football team which led him to direct and produce Diehardz, a short documentary about devout fans like himself.

Adam DiMarco

Hit show The White Lotus is the current talk of the town, and Adam DiMarco is most definitely a part of the buzz. Playing the character Albie Di Grasso with a questionable ‘nice guy act,’ DiMarco is a perfect addition to our list. He hails from Canada and showcases his half-Italian roots which helps stake his claim as a prosperous, Italian actor as he stars in one of today’s most-watched shows. Before his recent stardom, DiMarco can be seen in Syfy series The Magicians and Netflix series The Order. 

Sarah Talarico

Sarah Talarico is a writer at heart, with a deep passion for all things Italian. Much of her writing inspiration comes from her Italian American roots that trace back to her father’s beloved hometown in Calabria. Southern Italy holds a special place in her heart, right next to homemade sauce and cappuccini. Sarah has a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and English and a desire to use her writing skills to share the timeless charm of Italy and that ‘dolce far niente’ feeling. In her downtime, she finds joy in filling the plates and seats at her dining room table.