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Beat the Heat With These Italian Swimsuit Brands

Summer has finally arrived, and what better way to lounge by the pool or go sunning on the beach than by wearing an Italian swimsuit brand? Italy’s reputation of being home to la alta moda extends passed traditional formal wear. You'll find high fashion in both women's and men’s swimming attire as well. Whether it’s colorful swimming trunks, beautiful one-pieces, luxurious bikinis, or flowing cover-ups these four Italian swimsuit brands are must-haves for your summer closet this year.


Calzedonia is most notable for its tights and stockings. You'll also find that they sell bikinis, one-pieces, coverups, and swimwear accessories at a budget-friendly price. The Italian brand has thousands of stores worldwide, including in the United States. Their women’s swimsuit line has a variety of colors and styles. You’ll find that they also carry more eccentric alternatives like animal print, crochet, and geometric patterned design bikinis. Calzedonia also carries men's swimwear including trunks, swim shorts, and swim briefs in a variety of colors and designs.

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La Perla

One of Italy’s most famous and luxurious lingerie and nightwear brands, La Perla, also sells upscale swimwear for women. Proudly by women, and for women, the feminine touch is evident in their designs. Their full swimsuit lineup is all statement pieces and draws from their lingerie lines to create swimwear that is both elegant and timeless.


Missoni is an Italian luxury fashion house known for its colorful knitwear designs. The 2023 summer collection by Missoni Mare keeps with this theme. Their collection includes flowing kaftans, dresses, and shorts, as well as one-piece off-the-shoulder swimsuits, bikinis, and long-sleeve crop tops. Missoni’s swimwear attire for women includes a vast collection of eccentric patterns like their zigzagging knitwear design with bright colors of yellow, blue, red, pink, and more. They carry over 222 swimwear options – so there’s a guaranteed something for everyone.


Owned by the Calzedonia, Intimissimi supplies both women’s and men’s lines of undergarments and nightwear. Their swimming trunks for men come in various lengths to satisfy personal tastes as well as height. Their timeless yet comfortable fit allows for maximum comfort and freedom. You can find multiple designs in bold and neutral colors, zany and relaxed patterns, and anything to fit your personal style. Intimissimi’s swimwear for men is must-have for this summer season.

Asia London Palomba

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