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Enjoy Life in Sardinia for Just 1 Euro a Month

Can you imagine yourself living in a charming village in Sardinia, appreciating “la dolce fare niente” and soaking up the ambiance of Italian island life? Well, you’re in luck, because the quaint, medieval town of Ollolai is extending a warm invitation to American citizens, offering an irresistible incentive of accommodation for a mere 1 euro per month!

The mayor of the town, Francesco Colombu, launched the opportunity Work From Ollolai in June 2023 as a way to revitalize the town’s dwindling population, which only has 1,300 inhabitants. In addition to increasing the town’s population, American newcomers are invited to contribute to Ollolai's growth by sharing their career expertise through classes, presentations, or workshops, meant to foster meaningful cultural exchanges between locals and Americans.

This initiative is perfect for remote workers and digital nomads - so no need to worry about finding a job here if your Italian knowledge is limited! Mayor Columbu emphasizes that the mixture of remote work and Ollolai’s natural scenery makes for an idyllic style of living. “We believe ours is a nice place to live and work remotely, offering a lifestyle made up of nature, tranquility, healthy food, and traditions,” states Columbu.

Ollolai is nestled in the middle of Sardinia, surrounded by lush, rolling hills, and located less than an hour away from Sardinia’s most beautiful national park, Parco Nazionale del Golfo di Orosei e del Gennargentu, which boasts some of the most pristine, crystal-clear waters in the Mediterranean. Additionally, Sardinia is uniquely one of the five Blue Zones in the world, where people lead remarkably long and healthy lives, surpassing the global average life expectancy. Although this town is small, larger cities such as Olbia, Sassari, and Cagliari can be reached easily by car in less than two hours.

Adding to Ollolai's unique connection to the United States, it also happens to be the hometown of the legendary Franco Columbu, former Mr. Universe and Arnold Schwarzenegger's long-time best friend. Franco Columbu (no relation to the town’s mayor) was born in Ollolai and later immigrated to California to pursue his boxing career, forging a special bond between Ollolai and the United States, which might be the reason behind Work From Ollolai’s specific appeal to American citizens.

If we’ve piqued your interest, then make sure to fill out the application for this opportunity, where you simply need to upload your resume and some additional information about yourself. So what are you waiting for? Ollolai eagerly awaits your arrival, promising “la dolce vita” in the heart of Italy's picturesque Sardinia!

Emily Rascon

Emily Rascon is from San Diego, California and is currently in the process of completing her Masters in Human Geography through the Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz. She has always had a passion for traveling and learning new languages, having lived in Germany and now Italy. Emily loves reading books, going hiking, and of course, practicing her Italian! In addition, Emily enjoys creating content on TikTok, where she documents her life abroad and encourages people to find the confidence to pursue their inner wanderlust.