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Gina Lollobrigida, A Legend of Italian Film, dies at age 95

The Italian Film star died in Rome at the age of 95.

Gina Lollobrigida gained international fame in the 1950s, being called "the most beautiful woman in the world," died today at her home in Rome at the age of 95. 

Details have not been provided about her death, it is known that she had surgery back in September to repair a broken thigh bone after falling. After returning home, she quickly resumed walking. 

In 1954, a portrait of her was drawn on the cover of Time magazine, portraying her as a goddess in an article about Italian filmmaking. She was nicknamed "Lollo" by the Italian people, making films and becoming an Italian, and worldwide icon since World War II. 

After being discovered by Howard Hughes, he brought her to the United States to perform alongside the likes of Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis, Yul Brynner, and more. Outside of acting and being an icon sex symbol, Lollobrigida was an established sculptor, painter, and photographer. 

Here are some of Gina Lollobrigidia's most iconic roles:

Beat the Devil

In one of Lollobrigida's most well-known English-speaking roles, she appeared as Humphrey Bogart's wife. The movie was a mix of venture, comedy, and crime. It was shot on location in Italy as Bogart and Lollobrigida are among a group of travelers stranded in Italy as they plan to stake a claim on land that is rich with Uranium. 

Come September (1961)

After Lollobrigida starred alongside Frank Sinatra in Never So Few, she went on to star in this movie, which transitioned her from dramatic to comedic roles. The movie was about an American Mogul who spends his summers in an Italian Villa. His villa is turned into a hotel in his absence, in which he then has to fight to save his villa and his relationship with feisty Italian Lisa Fellini (Gina Lollobrigida). This movie went on to win her a Golden Globe. 

Bouna Sera, Mrs Cambell

This movie saw Lollobrigidia warding off three men, who she believed could be the father of her teenage daughter. The movie was a sex farce based on wartime flings with American GIs. The plot would later go on to inspire the classic broadway play Mamma Mia! This film went on to help her earn a Global Nomination.

Bread, Love, and Dreams (1953)

Lollobrigida starred alongside Italian star Vittorio De Sica in this Italian Romantic Comedy. Lollobrigida played Maria De Ritis, an Italian woman who meets Italian Police Chief Antonio Carotenuto. Carotenuto was transferred to the sleepy Italian village in the mountains. He spends his time looking for a wife when he meets De Ritis. This movie went on to land Lollobrigida a BAFTA nomination and a Nastro d'Argento award. 

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