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Hip Hop Turns 50: 10 Italian Artists You Should Know

As hip-hop celebrates its 50th anniversary, its influence on the music industry remains profound and undeniable. Its innovative beats, storytelling prowess, and ability to capture societal narratives have forever transformed the music landscape, leaving a lasting mark on artists and audiences alike. Emerging from the streets of the Bronx in the 1970s, hip-hop has evolved into a global cultural phenomenon, transcending the boundaries of genre and geography. 

Italian artists have made notable contributions to the hip-hop music landscape, infusing their own unique flavor into the genre. With a blend of cultural influences, Italian hip-hop artists have brought fresh perspectives to the global scene. Their innovative sounds, from trap to introspective lyricism, showcase the diversity and creativity that Italy adds to the dynamic world of hip-hop. Here are a few notable Italian hip-hop artists:


A prominent figure in the Italian hip-hop scene, J-Ax is known for his versatile style and catchy tracks. He was part of the iconic rap duo Articolo 31 before pursuing a successful solo career.


Federico Leonardo Lucia, known by his stage name Fedez, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter. He has gained fame for his socially conscious lyrics and collaborations with international artists.

Sfera Ebbasta

Sfera Ebbasta is one of the most successful Italian trap artists. His energetic beats and unique style have earned him a massive following in Italy and beyond.


Born in Milan to Tunisian parents, Ghali is known for blending various musical influences in his hip-hop music. His tracks often touch on personal experiences and social themes.

Capo Plaza

Capo Plaza gained popularity with his trap-infused tracks that resonate with the younger generation. His music often delves into topics like relationships, nightlife, and urban life.

Emis Killa

Emis Killa is a skilled lyricist who has contributed to the growth of Italian hip-hop. His tracks combine storytelling and introspection, making him a respected figure in the scene.

Achille Lauro

With a distinctive style that combines rap, pop, and rock elements, Achille Lauro has made a name for himself as an innovative artist. His visuals and performances are often characterized by their theatricality.


Marracash is known for his thought-provoking lyrics and intricate wordplay. He has a strong presence in the Italian rap scene and has collaborated with various artists.


Izi's music blends trap with elements of traditional Italian rap. He's known for his unique voice and emotive lyrics that touch on personal experiences and social issues.

Dark Polo Gang

This collective has played a significant role in the rise of Italian trap music and represents just a fraction of the diverse and dynamic Italian hip-hop scene. They've played a pivotal role in shaping the genre's growth in Italy and have contributed to its recognition on the global stage.

Arianna DiCicco

Arianna DiCicco is an educator and writer from California, born into an Italian American restaurant family with strong ties to her grandparents’ home in Abruzzo, Italy. She has lived in San Francisco, Rome and New York City where she’s made deep connections within the Italian communities and gained new perspectives about her own culture. With a Masters in International Education, Arianna has a love and passion for learning and educating others about Italian history & culture.