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Italian Sports Cars That Will Rev Your Engine

Traveling in the open air, free to discover the world from the road . . . add a turbo engine, a hundred horsepower, the sun, and Italian landscapes, and summer is sweet, sweet, sweet. Let's celebrate the most stylish, powerful, and stunning cars, dreams on four wheels—from Italy, of course!

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder

Bobby Moresco’s 2022 film Lamborghini: The Man Behind the Legend, tells the life of Ferruccio Lamborghini, founder of the iconic luxury car company, played by Frank Grillo. His story and the birth of his brand are emblematic of Italy when, recently released from the Second World War, was undertaking an economic transformation from a predominantly agricultural to a modern industrial modern country. Ferruccio used his precious know-how of industrial tractor production to launch his luxury sports car enterprise that introduced models the world still loves today. The iconic Huracan Spyder features three driving modes—Sport, Road, and Racing—and delivers unparalleled performance. Any driver behind the wheel of the Huracan Spyder looks like a superhero as they navigate the 610-horsepower engine that reaches 200 mph in 3.4 seconds. 

Ferrari Roma Spider

If you are wondering what shape defines engineering beauty, here is the answer: the Ferrari Roma Spider. In Ferrari’s Cavallino Rampante (Prancing Horse) model range, the Spider is the Roma convertible and takes its slot beneath the Portofino M model. This car evokes the combination of Italian automotive design and technical performance that only a car produced by the Maranello (Modena) company can offer, with an ingenious power soft top and front engine that goes from 0 to 62 miles in 3.4 seconds. The ignition button on the steering wheel glows red for a guaranteed WOW effect!

A timelessly elegant, high-performance car, the Ferrari Roma Spider is a contemporary take on the chic, pleasure-seeking Italian lifestyle of the 1950s and 1960s. The goal of the model’s vehicle dynamics development was to create a car able to deliver driving thrills and handling precision on a par with the Ferrari Roma, thanks to the Side Slip Control concept. This software uses an algorithm, developed by Ferrari, which delivers an instantaneous estimate of side slip to all the various con-board control systems. This data is then used to coordinate and implement interventions in a timely and accurate manner. 

Maserati MC20 Cielo

Power and adrenaline are hidden in the sinuous and magnificent forms of the MC20 Cielo, the one-of-a-kind Italian masterpiece. Skillful techniques of Italian construction and design come to life in this newcomer in the Maserati House. The Cielo allows you to admire the horizon with the open roof and offers power and driving performance equal to its twin, the MC20 Coupè, when the integral cover is activated. The shades inspired by the colors of the ocean and the unstoppable energy of its currents are enclosed in a new, fascinating color available exclusively for Maserati MC20 Cielo: Aquamarine. Sea and sky have inspired the changing sparkle of a car that keeps its promises thanks to its lively temperament. But the choice is between the novel Aquamarine and Winning Red, Mystery (Incognito Grey), Genius Yellow, Bold White, and Infinite Blue. While remaining a coupè in the purest sense of the term, the doors open by sliding out and upwards, pointing straight to the sky, without affecting weight and performance in the slightest.

Fiat 124 Spider

The Fiat 124 Spider has already been on the market for a few years but is still a must for lovers of Italian sports convertibles. The new model, powered by a 140 horsepower 1.4 MultiAir turbo engine and six-speed manual gearbox, can cover 0-62 miles in 7.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 134 mph. With adaptive headlights, a rear camera, and stability control as standard equipment, this car offers an optional infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen, digital radio, multimedia control, Bluetooth connectivity, heated seats, and keyless entry. Finally, the nine-speaker Bose system is available, including four in the headrests. The only down-to-earth aspect of this snappy sportscar is the price, available for around $30,000 in the United States. The hardest decision you’ll make is between the eight exterior colors, Red Passion, White Gelato, Black Vesuvio, Silver Grey, Fashion Grey, Magnetic Bronze, Blue Italia, and White Ice.

Barbara Benzoni

 Barbara Benzoni was born in Milan and lives between Rome and Tuscany. She is devoted to USA, the land of courage and innovation. She’s Peter's super-lucky mum and Ale's wife. Cinema, art, good food and only beautiful things are the themes of her existence. With a degree in Italian literature and a Masters in Sports Management she can both enjoys books and basketball matches. In 25 years she has been organizing sport events all over the world and she’s been lucky enough to meet the greatest champs ever. Curiosity in everyday life and people are her drivers. Her personal icon is Mohammed Ali : "It's not bragging if you can back it up".