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Italy’s Food Truck Boom

On-the-go, takeaway spots for delicious, healthy, and cheap food are popping up across Italy. Street food is by definition simple to transport and quick to eat. Typically, it’s traditional comfort food deeply rooted in regional Italian culture and food trucks are winners for visitors in Italy. The Street Food 2022 Guide by Gambero Rosso, with over 600 addresses, is a roadmap to the best Italian food on wheels. Italians love their food trucks so much they’ve launched a festival. Visit these 10 great food trucks in one place at the STREEAT Food Truck Festival on May 12-14, 2023 in Sondrio, Lombardy.


Gambero Rosso awarded Mollica’s Best Street Food on the Road in Italy in 2022. Mollica’s captured the hearts and stomachs of Italians with great food and engaging with followers on social media Their skills and fare earned them a program on the Gambero Rosso Channel HD. You can find Mollica's in Follonica, Tuscany. Their specialties are “lampredotto” and sandwiches stuffed with savory ingredients. 


Mozao was launched in 2013 by owners Emilia Romagna who prepare regional items such “astigelle” and fried gnocchi. All prepared in a three-wheel ape car and two caravans, some of the favorites are “tigella zozzona” (a typical fatty Italian salted pancake) with Colonnata lard, herbs, and parmesan flakes as well as fried carbonara dumplings with eggs, pecorino cheese, black pepper and guanciale. 

Chef in Viaggio

Chefs Giovanna and Renato serve amazing food out of their beautiful mirrored 1962 Airstream. The best of Venetian cuisine is served including homemade bread with “musetto” (pig’s muzzle), bean soup, variations of cod fish, lagoon cuttlefish with fresh peas and corn polenta.


The flavors of Naples in Milan are on the road. Here you'll find fried pizza and eggplant parmigiana. The two owners call themselves “itinerant pizza makers” and they guarantee excellent fried foods and fresh products.


The Scottadito cooks have been wandering from North to South since 2012. These three friends have one goal: to make people passionate about Italian street food. The products are the delicacies of Abruzzo and Le Marche, from arrosticini to olive Ascolane. Don’t miss out on the fried fish varieties such as squid and anchovies and always eat with your hands!

California Bakery Bee  

The historic American bakery in the center of Milan is famous for its breakfasts, tours of the city in an Ape car and offering the fresh and delicious sweets made in the USA. A refined touch of America that Italian folks truly love.

BBQ Valdichiana

The delicious, high-quality Valdichiana meat from the green valleys between Arezzo and Siena in Tuscany is well known throughout the world. The BBQ fellows from Tuscany travel around Italy offering gourmet sandwiches made with Chianina meat. Try the Chianino with cereal sandwich, the Chianina burger with tomato and lettuce or the Viking burger, made with Chianina and “cinta senese” (a typical pork from Siena), fried peppers, jalapenos, habanero sauce, Pienza pecorino cheese and salad. 

Ape Romeo 

The little brown Ape Romeo brings you the most beloved treats from Romeo Chef & Bakery, a well-known Roman restaurant. You’ll find pizza with mortadella and sandwiches such as the Gambero Rosso award-winning Cristina Bowerman with tongue pastrami - “ciauscolo”, mustard, marinated onions, and sprouts. There’s something for everyone with vegetarian meatball sandwiches, salads and even hot dogs.

Street Food Family

With plates that will make you nostalgic of your nonna’s recipes, the Street Food Family specialties are burgers like the Cafoncello, made with beef burger, scrambled eggs, bacon, crispy onion, melted cheese, BBQ sauce, romaine lettuce, and tomato.

Gricia Road: Primi in Strada

These guys offer the most delicious “primi” or first courses of Roman cuisine. But, instead of pasta you’ll taste ravioli. Gricia, Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara, and Amatriciana are all prepared with select fresh ingredients. You can find this truck all around Rome and at national events. They are also on demand to cater private events.

Verde Pistacchio

Now you’ve seen everything—a Volkswagen pick-up truck in pistachio green. Keep an eye out in Rome (and at the festival) for this vendor and its excellent homemade ice cream, smoothies, crêpes, yogurt, hot chocolate, and other sweets. Geo-locate the truck through the App and book it for parties and private events.

Barbara Benzoni

 Barbara Benzoni was born in Milan and lives between Rome and Tuscany. She is devoted to USA, the land of courage and innovation. She’s Peter's super-lucky mum and Ale's wife. Cinema, art, good food and only beautiful things are the themes of her existence. With a degree in Italian literature and a Masters in Sports Management she can both enjoys books and basketball matches. In 25 years she has been organizing sport events all over the world and she’s been lucky enough to meet the greatest champs ever. Curiosity in everyday life and people are her drivers. Her personal icon is Mohammed Ali : "It's not bragging if you can back it up".