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Lifestyle Secrets of Italian Women

Many are enamored with the grace and beauty of Italian women. Girls yearn for their aesthetic; men fall in love with their charm. The thick, dark hair; the tan skin; the effortless lifestyle. What’s their secret? How does one achieve the allure of a Sophia Loren or an Anna Magnani? We’re breaking down five lifestyle secrets that may explain Italian irresistibility and prove the age-old adage “beauty comes from within” to be true…

Proximity to the Mediterranean

Italian women live their lives beneath the beams of the Mediterranean sun, and many are fortunate enough to regularly bathe in the warm waters of surrounding seas. With the abundance of Vitamin D, and regular exposure to the healing benefits of salt water, it’s no wonder these women have long been known for their ageless sun-kissed skin. And beyond the physical, there’s no denying the positive impact on mental health as well. So, catch some rays and dip your toes in the ocean next time you get the chance. But don’t forget your sunblock!

Farm or Sea to Table

With the Mediterranean diet being one of the most popular and delicious, it’s quite clear that the foods Italian women are consuming have lasting positive effects on health and well-being. Most, if not all of it, is harvested fresh daily or brought without delay from farm or sea to table. And there’s something to be said for this way of eating, sans preservatives, artificial ingredients, and processed sugars – local food, fresh from the land, that allows us to know exactly what we’re putting in our bodies. These women not only look incredible because of it, but feel equally wonderful, too.

Dolce Far Niente Vibes

We all want a piece of that “dolce far niente” (or “sweetness of doing nothing”) lifestyle. And Italian women seem to have mastered this laidback approach to being. An impromptu coffee with friends that requires rearranging your day? No problem! They’re not rushing through to-do lists, but rather prioritizing their well-being and taking each moment as it comes. An after-lunch nap (or un riposo) is a daily ritual, as is an evening passeggiata (a walk around the neighborhood typically enjoyed after dinner). Taking in the sights and savoring time with loved ones helps keep the sweetness of life alive and well. And with Italy as their backdrop, who wouldn’t embrace such an existence?!

No Muss, No Fuss

With lifestyle choices positively affecting their inner and outer beauty, it’s little surprise that Italian women see no need for extensive makeup routines. For special occasions, of course; but a full face of makeup isn’t a daily preference. White Lotus star Simona Tabasco can often be seen in the spotlight donning bold styles, but according to a March interview with Vogue, her idea of an Italian summer make-up look is light and minimal. So if the au naturel look is more your go-to, you’re in great company!

Sarah Talarico

Sarah Talarico is a writer at heart, with a deep passion for all things Italian. Much of her writing inspiration comes from her Italian American roots that trace back to her father’s beloved hometown in Calabria. Southern Italy holds a special place in her heart, right next to homemade sauce and cappuccini. Sarah has a Bachelor’s in Creative Writing and English and a desire to use her writing skills to share the timeless charm of Italy and that ‘dolce far niente’ feeling. In her downtime, she finds joy in filling the plates and seats at her dining room table.